Part No 99000M99097-001 / 002

Automotive Body Shampoo

All-purpose car shampoo – Body Cleaning & Protection


This powerful cleaner uses thick, rich foam that provides a lubrication to help prevent dirt from creating abrasive swirl marks. Shampoo leaves a complete shine on the treated object and is safe to use on metal, synthetic material, painted surfaces and rubber. Ph value is balanced. The shampoo works with soft and hard water both brings a natural shine.
Cleaning transportation vehicles, both manually and in carwash service centre’s. Preferably do not use in bright sunlight.

Direction for use

Apply with brush, sponge or high-pressure cleaner (with foam pistol) and leave for a few minutes. Rinse off clean water. The use of warm water will enhance the cleaning performance.
Product Features
1 – Biodegradable
2 – Cleans with minimum efforts.
3 – Leaves a complete shine on treated surface without streaking.
4 – Easily removes traffic films, animal dropping and insects from cars
5 – Safe to use on fibre glass, synthetic material, painted surface and rubber. 6 – Suitable for all types of paintwork .

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