Part No – 990J0M999H2 – 010


You are not a regular car care freak but when it does come to the cleaning you really want the perfect car wash, then the MGA Car Care Kit is everything you need. It takes on the grime, blasts through brake dust and brings out a
glossy finish. Start with wash with MGA Automotive Body Shampoo.The magic starts off with a powerful cleaner that kills the dirt and leaves the car spot-free. Next up is the MGA Automotive body polish , gives your paint a deep, lasting shine. For interior dashboard we have MGA Dashboard Shiner which protect dashboard from fading and enhance its life also. With the help of MGA Automotive Glass Cleaner you get perfect clean and crystal glass with no smears . Finally the MGA Car Care Kit comes with a handy storage tote , so you can keep all your washing gear together, organized and ready for action. MGA SUPER SAVER PACK This pack consist of CAR POLISH + CAR SHAMPOO + GLASS CLEANER + DASH-BOARD SHINER + SPONGE . Total number of products in the pack = 5


  • Wipe & Shine – Car Wash – Non Acidic and very easy to use.
  • Wipe & Shine – Car Polish – It gives original shine to car.
  • Wipe & Shine – Glass Cleaner – Save water and applicable for all glass and mirrored surfaces.
  • Wipe & Shine – Dashboard Shiner – With minimal time and efforts you can protect dashboard surface

    from fading, it leaves a shiny surface having non-oily finish.

  • Sponge – It is ideal option for washing all types of car surfaces, This sponge is super absorbent and made of top quality materials. Use same sponge after washing while applying polish or glass

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