Part No – 99000M99095-001

Dash-board Shiner

The perfect plastic protectant – A super glossy shiner


The New improved formula effortlessly protects interior and exterior trim against drying, cracking and fading, simultaneously removing ingrained dirt and grime. Our Dashboard polish leaves a rich satin finish recreating a natural new looks particularly suitable for modern vehicles. After cleaning with our product it leaves a pleasant shine and glossiness in surface


First clean dashboard with soft cloth then spray dashboard shiner and let the chemical do the work .
Direction for use
After cleaning interior of vehicle then apply gentle spray on the surface body of dashboard and leave for a few minutes. It gives a high –gloss shine in entire surface.

Product Features

1 Protects against fading and enhance life of plastic surface.
2 Protector coating gives a long lasting shine.
3 Effective result in minimal time and efforts.
4 Unique Formula of fast and clear drying.
5 Keeps the treated surface smooth and shiny.
6 Gently removes dirt, dust and sticky stains for a non-greasy, dry-touch shine

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